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Creating stunning, results-driven websites

Creating stunning, results-driven websites

Founder / Designer

I’m Ben, the founder of Scout Design back in early 2009 and have been creative bespoke websites for clients and in London & the rest of the UK ever since. We continue to evolve and improve our skills keeping at the for-front of website design and development. We’ve made it our mission to cultivate interactive digital experiences that excite and engage and we continue to innovate with passion.

We work through a bespoke process from the start to the finish of your project, ensuring 100% design satisfaction. We have worked in a wide range of industry sectors, with clients based all around the UK – from London to Dublin.

We’re established, experienced and trusted, with over a decade experience in providing bespoke web solutions and we’re well equipped to take your business from an initial concept to a fully functional reality.

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Our process for success

We start all our project the same way, we listen, learn and discover what makes your business tick and how you solve your customers problems. We not only get an idea of what your goals are but what you stand for and gain an understanding or your core brand identity.

Once we get to know your brand and gaols, we then start working out how can best engage with your customers, designing concepts which we feedback to you. When we are on the right track, we then meticulously design the UI and UX of every page and element of the website for mobile, through to desktop.

When all the designs are reviewed and approved, we set about building the infrastructure, coding the front end and then building in all the features, elements and interactions to bring your site alive.

We rigorously test all websites on or development servers, running the website on mobile devices and operating systems to check all features and elements work smoothly across these mediums. Our years of experience give us the knowledge to smoothly launch even the most complex websites.

Our work doesn’t stop there. We continue to monitor your website and can work with you to maintain and grow your business online, including SEO and digital marketing. We pride ourselves on having long lasting relationships with our clients.

What's important to us?

  • Understanding your pain points
  • Open and honest communication
  • Performance focused

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